What is Clobas

CLOBAS – A futuristic software solution for 21st century educational institutions

Clobas is a total integrated CLOUD based campus management system that contains all prime functionalities including Administrative, Academic, Learning Management, Communications and Productivity. It is an interactive platform for management, staff, student and parent to manage and collaborate with a day-to-day campus associated tasks more efficiently and effectively from anywhere and anytime.

It has got 60+ online features staring from admission to alumni, fee management to bus tracking, attendance to results report, e-circulars to webinar, operational dashboard to extracurricular management, ID Card generation to Certificates Printing and many more...

Clobas can be integrated with any 3rd party tools like Biometric, RFID, Online Payment Gateway, Accounts Software and so on.

This technology solution is tailor made to cater the needs of Pre-Schools, Main Stream Schools, Colleges, Universities and e-Governance Solution for Governments.

Why Clobas

  • Total Integrated Solution (60+ Modules under one roof)

  • Built with 10 years of R&D and intense Market Research

  • Zero upfront investment on H/W and S/W

  • State of the Art Cloud solution with Mobile App

  • Dedicated Tech Support with various channels

  • Implementation takes only 2 to 3 weeks upon data collection


Benefits of Clobas

CLOBAS helps & supports the unique needs of any educational institution in administering and streamlining their day-to-day functions in an effective manner and is highly user friendly, customizable and configurable with several handy reports.

  • Instant communication among its stakeholders (via web, e-mail and SMS).

  • Improves productivity, as it is accessible from anywhere anytime simultaneously by all users.

  • Quick decision making is now possible with full set of data availability 24/7.

  • Significant cost savings as it leads to paperless campus (Go Green Initiative).

  • Knowledge Enrichment as learning platform is made available virtually and free of cost.!!

  • Enhances Professional image & reputation of the institution within the community.

  • 50% reduction in the manual works by teachers and admin staff due to automation of all processes.

  • Effective FEE Collection as system automatically send SMS & Email besides through push notification through App to all defaulters

  • Facilitates Institutes to take well informed decision quickly as Dashboard Drilldown Reports made available for top management.

Clobas Standard Package Modules

CLOBAS standard package consists of 32 must-have modules that will help institutions to automate their functions and have an overall control mechanism to track and monitor the day-to-day activities of an institution. This includes mobile app for all stakeholders like management, teacher and parents and available on both Android and IOS.