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Intro To Core Modules

CLOBAS is a total integrated cloud based academy system, suitable for any kind of educational institutions across the globe. It helps all stakeholders (management, staff, student and parent) of institution to manage and collaborate more efficiently and effectively.

It includes major functions such as Administration, Academic, Communications, Learning Management, Productivity Tools etc.


Student Profile Management

Profile of each student such as personal info, demographic info, results, attendance and fee details can be put in one single view for top management to view, track and maintain the record virtually.

Staff Profile Management

Through this module, institute can maintain staff records and retrieve them as and when it required. Details could be their personal details, educational details, experience details, journals , publications etc.

Transport Management

This module can be used to maintain bus details, bus stops, Student occupancy in each route, driver details, service date for buses, Fuel conception, repair details and many more. Sending SMS facility is integrated with module.

Asset Management

Institute can track and generate report for all their assets details such as Product name, vendor name, contact details, brand name, warranty details, data of purchase , location of asset, custodian of asset etc.

Profile (Selected Data) Report Generator

This is a generic profile report generator. Using this facility, user can choose any profile data of parent, student and staff with desired selection criteria dynamically to generate report online. Export to excel is available.

Bonafide & Transfer Certificate

Bonafide and Transfer Certificate can be designed for each institution as per their template and will be made available for printing by an authorized user.

Course Management

This module allows user to set-up all available courses, departments, classes, sections etc., So that, These data can be mapped with staff and students information. Corresponding reports by different classification can be generated.

Time Table Integration

Through this module, Class, Period, Subject, Tutor can be mapped. So that, Tutors and Parents should be able to check their up-to date time table with class details such as Subject, Date, Time, Lecture Hall or Lab etc.

Attendance Posting & Tracking

Using this module, Tutors/admin can post daily attendance. Hence, Parents can view the attendance online. If a student does not maintain required attendance, Parents will get email/SMS notification, which is configurable.

Examination Module

This module allows user to configure necessary parameters for all examinations with aggregate formula, grades, CGPA , marks etc.

Online Results Publication

Institute designated admin or staff can upload internal as well as board exam results in a bulk way as soon they are ready to publish. Parents and Students can view the results and take a print out for their reference.

Reports Module

This module will have required reports for Results, Attendance, Store, Asset, Admission, Fee, Transport, Complaints and Discipline and other miscellaneous reports not less than 30 reports.

Teacher Notes/Home Work

Teacher notes or home work can be posted for each class and it will be made available for students to download.

Past Year Question Papers

This module will have past five years question papers from respective board for all classes. So that, tutors and students can refer these questions from anywhere, anytime.

Campus News & E-Circulars

This module enables the institution to send circulars and flash news to all users or selected group via portal, e-mail and SMS. It is equipped with SMS scheduling functionality.

Digital Notice Board

Using this module, institute can have digital notice board in addition to manual one. This will be made available online and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Events Calendar

All upcoming events and schedules can be listed out here, even as a calendar of events for every month.

Mailing Groups

Institute can create any group such as Basket Ball Team, Tennis Team, Red Cross etc, so that, They can keep them updated with events for any particular group.

Photo Gallery

Institute can upload photos of various events held in the school and enable different target groups to view them online.

Campus Tube /Webinar (Video Gallery)

Under this module, Any YouTube uploaded videos by school such as Sports Day function or Annual Day function etc can be embedded, so that, intended users can watch video without going to YouTube site.

Comments Feature (Remarks on Students)

Using this module, Staff can enter any remarks or comments for individual students. Eg. One particular student in primary 3 is playing chess excellently and many more incidents. This can be viewed by the authorized users from the top management.

Birthday Greeting & Quotes

This function automatically sends out birthday greeting by e-mail to all registered users and also displays birthday greetings animations on the web when they login to the portal on their birthday.